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Cash Pricing

Consult & Chiropractic Treatment - First Appointment $50

Consult & Acupuncture Treatment - First Appointment $50

Established / Returning - Chiropractic Adjustment - $40

Established / Returning - Acupuncture - $40

* Traditional Asian Medicines to include Moxabustion, Cupping, Gua Sha, Plum Blossom and Shiatsu available additional fee

We do not accept insurance other than Medicare. We do accept credit/debit cards, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents claims and Attorney / Physician referrals. . We do not promote long-term, high cost treatment plans. Everyone is unique and each person requires specific care to meet their health needs. We do support your decision for treatments as needed for your health maintenance.

Other than Dr Lowenstein’s experience, a treatment table and a place to put that table, we do not need a huge expensive office, lots of staff and other complications.

As we don’t have front desk staff we will attempt to answer your phone calls but if not, please leave a message and we do return phone calls as well as text messages. We also love email if you have questions or concerns! Keeping our overhead to a minimum allows us to provide you the same quality care you expect but without charging you higher fees !

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David Lowenstein DC, LAc

Dr. David Lowenstein

Acupuncturist - Chiropractor - Shiatsu

  • 40+ years experience

  • Licensed Arizona Acupuncturist - Acupuncture Board

  • Licensed Arizona Chiropractor - Chiropractic Board

  • Arizona Board Certified Physical Medicine Modalities 

  • Licensed by China Medical Board to practice in China

  • Former Staff Physician Dong Fang Lian He and Tian Tan Pu Hua Hospitals, Shanghai, China

  • Diplomate Acupuncture & Asian Bodywork (NCCAOM)

  • Certified Shiatsu Instructor & Practitioner (AOBTA)

  • Registered Movement Therapist (ADTA) 

  • CMA - Certified Movement Analyst (LIMS)


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